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Customer Reviews That Let You Know Before You Go

You have put so much into your business. You work hard for what you have and you are always looking for ways to grow your business. You probably live by the golden rule, it’s all about the customer, customer service. There is one small problem that comes up on occasion. The customer you have worked so hard for is not such a good person. They are extremely rude or belittling, late Payments, missed payments, sometimes just plain theft of your services. Until this point, you have had very little recourse.

Quick Customer Check

Take a quick moment to do a quick check on each customer that contacts you for your service, “know before you go.” When a customer calls you, you can now check that customer using the phone number they call you with. Do yourself a favor and check the name and address in our data base at the same time. Our data base was created by people just like you. These people have created their businesses and have suffered the hard knocks of a few bad customers. We are all in this service industry together. We can continue to grow this database with your help.

Tell Your Side of the Story

You have been doing business with someone and their payment history begins to tell a story. Eventually you will want to fire the customer or discontinue your service to them. Voice your opinion about that customer. Do us all a favor and don’t allow that customer to get away with it.

Latest Reviews

Jason Decter

Always behind in payments and kept making excesses Finally he moved out and never payed his bill. Contacted him and he said he wont pay and he didn’t care

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